Amanda Stanton Throws Nick Viall Under the Bus After 'Bachelor in Paradise' Drama

On Bachelor in Paradise this week, some major fireworks flew when Josh Murray arrived on the scene and swept Amanda Stanton off her feet -- and not in a good way. Nick Viall was pretty upset about Josh's encroaching on his territory, but that may not be the whole story. In a new blog post, Amanda spilled the truth about what really happened with Nick and Josh, and it's definitely interesting.


Amanda explained everything, and it seems like she and Nick may not have been as close as the show made them look. Apparently she and Nick chatted before BIP, and while Amanda was nursing a massive crush on Nick, he was hoping Jen Saviano would show up in paradise. So when he and Amanda went on a date together, she kind of felt like he was just using her as a placeholder 'til Jen arrived, and she didn't get too invested in him for that reason.

Amanda wrote on her blog: 

One thing that stood out to me was that he would hold my hand or kiss me, but as soon as the cameras were off he would stop or let go of my hand. Now, if someone is really into you, they're going to show affection to you whether there are cameras on them or not. I TRULY felt like he wasn't that into me. 

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Then, she and Nick had a talk where they agreed they'd be open to seeing other people, so Amanda didn't think she was doing anything wrong by hanging out with Josh when opportunity struck. But it's not Nick she's mad at. Instead, it sounds like she's just frustrated by the way things came across on TV. 

She continued:

I would NEVER intentionally hurt him or go on a date without talking to him first if we hadn't had that talk the night before! Like I said before, Nick did nothing wrong! He really is an amazing guy and was nothing but honest with me! Can we just squash this?!

Amanda is right -- it's probably about time to squash it, once and for all. No harm done to Nick, and Amanda and Josh seem happy. Maybe Jen will show up and everyone will live happily ever after? Guess we'll just have to keep watching!


Image via amanda_stantonn/Instagram

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