JoJo Fletcher Accused of Cheating on Jordan Rodgers With His Best Friend

It doesn't take long for a newly crowned Bachelorette couple to become victims of tabloid fodder, and that's especially true where JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers are concerned. Less than two weeks after the finale aired, JoJo has already been accused of cheating on Jordan


According to a new report from Life & Style (via The Hollywood Gossip), JoJo allegedly realized that she doesn't actually love Jordan, so she did the next most logical thing: sleep with his best friend. What?! If this story sounds totally outlandish to you, that's because in all likelihood, it probably is. 

The source told the mag: "JoJo realized Jordan was not in the relationship for the right reasons, and recently decided to finally confront him about his feelings. It did not end well."

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Life & Style also reports that JoJo and Jordan are planning to stay together for now for business reasons only, since they'll both be more successful together than apart. Um, that sounds like a horrible reason to stay in a relationship, but whatever floats their boat! Or, you know, their bank accounts.

If you're a JoJordan fan who's a little bummed by this news, don't be. Chances are, it's totally false. Remember all the rumors that came out about Kaitlyn and Shawn last year? None of them were true, and they all said basically the same things as this story alleges. 

Guess time will tell if Jordan and JoJo are still together! But for now, our bets are on their living happily ever after. For the immediate future, anyway.


Image via joelle_fletcher/Instagram

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