Leah Messer Calls Out Major Airline for Destroying Ali's Wheelchair

Oh no! Leah Messer's daughter's wheelchair was destroyed on a flight recently, which is truly tragic since it's the little girl's primary mode of transportation. Ali suffers from a rare form of muscular dystrophy, and isn't able to stand or walk for significant lengths of time.


The Teen Mom 2 star was coming home from visiting Great Wolf Lodge in California earlier this week when she shared some devastating news about Ali's wheels. The mom of three was obviously distraught when she shared this picture of the wrecked chair.

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Of course, because some people suck, someone actually had the gall to comment to Leah that she should just accept that "crap happens," and don't complain about it. They wrote, "Just because you think you're famous doesn't mean you're above everyone, sorry it happened but do you know how many peoples stuff is lost forever or damaged, you're not the only one nor are you above the rest... It's a risk everyone takes while flying...like I said no one is perfect, you should know that lesson by now."

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Um, famous or not, it's absolutely unacceptable that the airline broke Ali's very expensive motorized wheelchair. Fortunately, most people were on Leah's side, pointing out that Ali needs that chair to navigate her world and feel independent.

Thankfully, it looks like United did the right thing and rectified the situation. Leah tweeted that she talked to customer service, and was even "impressed" by them.

So glad that Ali is getting her wheelchair fixed! We hope she's cruising around like a boss again in no time flat. 


Image via leahdawn92mtv/Instagram

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