Jenelle Evans's Baby Bump May Have Made Its Debut

Even though we now know that Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is pregnant, we've seen very little evidence of it -- until now. Despite the fact that she's been super shady about the fact that she's even expecting, it seems as though Jenelle has officially debuted her baby bump, even though photos make it hard to see.


According to Radar Online, Jenelle bared her bump when she wore a form-fitting black dress to an event earlier this week, but the dark color easily camouflages it. Maybe it looks different in person, but the photos have us wondering what Jenelle's trying to hide.

Obviously, all eyes have been on Jenelle lately, since the news of her pregnancy broke thanks to a leaked police report where she admitted she was expecting. But since then, Jenelle's stayed pretty silent on the topic and has yet to talk about her pregnancy publicly herself.

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So can we really even call this a bump debut? It looks like she's still trying to hide it. Maybe that's because of the negative reaction to her soon-to-be third child? Hmm. 

Either way, we're just waiting 'til Jenelle decides to share her bump photos on Instagram -- and considering how addicted to social media she is, we can't believe she hasn't done it already. She could be waiting for the next season of Teen Mom 2, but by then she'll be so pregnant she won't be able to deny it any longer. And we can't wait that long! We have so many questions.

What's the deal, Jenelle? We need to know!


Image via j_evans1219/Instagram

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