Farrah Abraham Makes an Outrageous Claim About Her Costars

Just -- wow. Farrah Abraham definitely knows how to throw some serious shade, but this one may take the cake. Farrah slammed her Teen Mom castmates on a recent podcast, saying that every single one of them only had more children to milk their fame.


I guess we all can't get famous from a sex tape, huh? Anyway, after the 25-year-old talked about not being addicted to plastic surgery anymore on the Allegedly podcast, she launched into her many, many business ventures.

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The host, Theo Vonn, asked her if she would consider having a second child in order to boost her fame and hopefully her cash flow. How she responded had our jaws on the ground:

"That option has been taken by all of my other cast members," she said. "They have really milked the sh-t out of that one."

Um, what? First off, she's not the only one who still has only one child, unless she completely forgot about Amber Portwood. Second, I don't think that one of her other costars had second or third child because they wanted to cash in on raising their public profile. Some of those kids were planned, and some were happy surprises, but every single one of them is loved by their mamas.

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Going by Farrah's logic, she shouldn't be talking. After all, isn't getting pregnant at 16 and going on a national TV show what made her famous? Or maybe she's just a mom who loves her kid and also happens to be on TV. Just like her castmates.  


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