Kailyn Lowry & Javi Marroquin Have Come to an Agreement on Custody

Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin may have announced their split months ago, but we have a feeling their divorce is actually getting real for them now that Javi is back from his deployment. But fortunately, it sounds like Kail and Javi already worked out a custody agreement -- and so far, things seem friendly between them.


According to what Javi has told Radar Online, all matters involving Lincoln have already been settled. In an interview with the site, he admitted that while moving out of the house they shared has been "stressful," at least he and Kail have been able to work out a schedule for sharing their son. 

"Me and Kail agreed to 50/50 with Lincoln," Javi told Radar. "So every other week I get him." 

No word on whether this is an agreement they worked out in court or just between themselves -- or whether or not it will actually hold up in the long run. 

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One thing's for sure, though. Regardless of Javi's relationship status, his love for his kids has not changed. "They are the reason I do what I do so I've been spending any free time with them," he added. 

We're glad to hear it! We can't imagine how difficult coming home from a deployment to a divorce must be -- for Javi or Kail. So it's good to hear that they seem to making things as easy as possible on each other ... for now, at least. 

Fingers crossed it's smooth sailing from here!


Image via javim9/Instagram

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