Andi Dorfman Fires Back at Josh Murray's Harsh Comments About Her

Now that Josh Murray has joined Bachelor in Paradise, we expected him to bring up Andi Dorfman a time or two, but nothing like what he's said. After trying to discuss what she wrote about him in her tell-all book, It's Not Okay, Josh said she was lying. And now, Andi is firing back at Josh. Yikes!


If you've been watching BIP this week, you already know that Amanda expressed some concern about the things Andi said about Josh, and Josh was forced to talk about it. But he acted like everything was completely made up -- and Andi is not happy about it. 

So obviously, she wasted no time in tweeting her feelings about what Josh was saying: 

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You tell 'em, Andi. If she was right about Josh, Amanda will find that out for herself later on. We just hope it's not too late, and that none of the potential drama affects her little ones. 

We can't imagine how frustrating it must be for Andi to watch BIP this season and find out what Josh has been saying about her. We're just glad she was able to get out of a relationship that wasn't working for her and that she seems so much happier now. She deserves the kind of amazing love she's looking for!


Image via andi_dorfman/Instagram

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