Evan Strikes Out on 'Bachelor in Paradise' ... Twice

Bachelor in Paradise isn't exactly paradise for some of the contestants this season, and Evan Bass is one of them. On Tuesday night's episode, not only did Evan get rejected by Carly, but his backup plan? Yeah, that didn't work either.


Honestly, though, does that surprise anybody? Carly literally threw up after kissing him, so that's not exactly the best indicator of a love story in the making. And then, she said that he gave her erectile dysfunction. So yeah, definitely not happening. Much to Evan's dismay, of course, because he cried after their breakup.

But even though that was hard for him, he didn't let it get him down. Evan took another shot at love by setting up a romantic date for Amanda, except there was only one problem ... she was hardcore making out with Josh Murray when he went to find her for their dinner.

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Oh, Evan. His days on BIP could be numbered if he can't find someone who's interested in him -- and it's not looking good. It's a bummer, because he's kind of entertaining ... in his own way. 

And as for Carly? She's already on the prowl for someone she can forge a real connection with, too. Watch out, guys -- she's taking this seriously! 


Image via Rick Rowell/ABC

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