Jenelle Evans Accused of Putting Jace in Harm's Way

Another week, another parenting decision fans don't think Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans made the right call on. So what happened this time? Over the weekend, Jenelle let Jace ride dirt bikes, and her Instagram followers are not happy with her. 


On Saturday, Jenelle posted several photos and videos of Jace riding on the bikes, and her fans aren't so sure he's old enough to be taking part in such a dangerous activity -- even though it looks like he's having a lot of fun. 

That's my boy! �

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It may seem risky, but Jace has always been up for adventure, just like his mom. Plus, he's wearing all the proper safety gear, including a helmet, so maybe Jenelle's decision to let him ride isn't that crazy? It's not like she wasn't right there, watching (and recording) his every move! 

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Even so, we totally get that some fans were concerned about Jace. Jenelle has a track record of making a few unwise decisions when it comes to her kids, so is it that surprising people are always at the ready to jump down her throat? But as far as we can tell, this isn't one of those bad decisions. Let the kid have fun!

But we can't blame her if the backseat parenting drives her a little nuts. It would bug us, too. Jenelle, just do you, girl. Haters gonna hate! 


Image via j_evans1219/Instagram

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