#PhelpsFace Describes the Toddler Temper Tantrum Look We Know All Too Well

Michael Phelps faceSwimming phenom Michael Phelps is garnering tons of attention in Rio -- but it's got nothing to do with this record-breaking strokes this time. The 31-year-old is blowing up Twitter thanks to his face. That's right, #PhelpsFace, the hashtag that's trending thanks to his priceless expression, is getting a huge reaction, and it's one most moms are familiar with because it's the look of a big old tantrum-in-the-making. 


The fact that the gold medalist looks an awful lot like an angry toddler wasn't lost on Twitter fans who had a laugh describing scenarios (like the universal reaction to saying "no" to a child) that most moms and dads have experienced. Take a look:

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A new dad himself, Phelps definitely looks like he's been stuck in the "naughty chair." 

Is there anything more heartbreaking than being told there's no ice cream? 

The dreaded back-to-school season is almost upon us -- definitely a reason to grimace. 

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It looks like Phelps and his biggest new fan are having a "like father, like son" moment. 

While Phelps's face has taken over the Internet, let's remember this guy has won more than 20 medals in his career. If concentrating to the point of looking like a fed-up preschooler helps, we say, "Keep doing what you're doing, MP!"


Image via KCS Presse / Splash News

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