This Major Clue Makes It Look Like Chase McNary Will Be the Next 'Bachelor'

Who the next Bachelor will be is currently reality TV's biggest mystery, which means the rumors and speculation are out of control. But Bachelor producer Mike Fleiss is an undeniably sure source of info, so when he left a giant hint about which of JoJo's exes landed the gig on his Twitter, we paid attention ... not that it actually did us much good. 


Here's what happened: On August 3, Fleiss said on Twitter that there'd be a hint about the future Bachelor on his new reality dating show, Love at First Kiss

Wow, okay! Big news! It was obviously a ploy to get people to watch this show, and we're assuming it worked. Except ... there was no clear hint. The only thing people found that could POSSIBLY be a hint was that in a promo for next week's Love at First Kiss, there was a clip of a couple on a yoga date.

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Yes, like the yoga date Chase McNary and JoJo went on together during their first one-on-one. 

Which obviously means Chase is the next Bachelor. Or something.

Of course, that might have not been the hint at all. Maybe it was so subtle, all of Bachelor Nation missed it altogether.

We're still kind of holding out hope that it'll be Luke Pell, but at this point, we're not so sure. It'll be a while until we find out for sure, so for now, we're clinging onto whatever we can get.


Image via chase_brody_mcnary/Instagram

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