Adam Lind's Fiancée Wants You to Know the Truth About the 'Teen Mom' Dad

Let's face it: Adam Lind has never been the father-of-the-year type. Countless times, we've seen him disappoint Aubree on Teen Mom 2, so his reputation isn't the greatest. But someone in his life is upset about the bad rap he's getting, and now, she's speaking up. This week, Adam's fiancée defended him on Instagram, and she has a lot to say. 


The bad news: Since then, Stasia has made her Instagram private. The good news: In Touch was able to transcribe the text of her post so we can still see what she wrote. 

Here's what Stasia said. Warning: It's super long! 

It takes a lot of courage and sacrifices, a lot of pride to admit your faults. It takes a lot of time and work to better yourself to make up for past mistakes. When I first looked at the man I plan on calling my husband, I didn’t see a man who struggled or hurt, I saw a father of two beautiful girls he just wants to be with. [He's] a good friend who would give you the shirt off his back, even if it was the last thing he had. It took time for me to notice through subtleties what went on under the surface, what he tried to cover up and hide from everyone else. It’s hard to explain the things that have happened to him that no one deserves versus the things he’s done wrong in his life. To have your life manipulated and broadcasted nationally in a negative light no matter what you do takes a toll on anyone. It even affects those who care about him. 

Whoa. That's a lot -- and that's not even everything she wrote! 

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We totally get that Stasia wants to stick up for him, and it's clear that Adam has picked the right person to spend his life with. If she's so willing to stand up for his character, that says great things about the future of their relationship. 

Will this change our minds about Adam? Not quite. We need to see him be the man we know he can be for ourselves before we decide if he's capable of being better. 

But no matter what, Aubree deserves a good dad who's there for her. We hope he can do that!


Image via adamjoelind/Instagram

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