Robby Hayes Claims He's Over JoJo -- but Is He Ready to Be the 'Bachelor'?

Getting dumped sucks pretty much no matter what, but it's got to be way worse when it's broadcast over national television. It's gotta take time to recover from something like that, but Robby Hayes, the recently dumped Bachelorette runner-up, says he's doing just fine, thanks, and that he's definitely ready for a new relationship -- especially, it seems, if that relationship is provided courtesy of The Bachelor


We guess that makes sense, right? It's not like it took him very long to get over his four-year relationship before he went on The Bachelorette, and he was only "dating" JoJo for a few months. 

He said he hopes JoJo's happy, which makes it sound like he made peace with what happened in the finale (i.e., getting stopped/dumped mid-proposal). That's good! So great. Great for Robby.

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Here's what he told The Hollywood Reporter

I've been fortunate enough to be spending a lot of time with my family -- they really helped me get my feet back under me ... [On After the Final Rose], you saw me get that closure, so I definitely think I'd be ready.

He also clarified that "spending a lot of time with my family" means he's been living at home. No comment!

Anyway, when he says "ready," he means to be the Bachelor. He said he'd have to clear it with his family and make sure they could deal with the stress of it all, but that his experience with JoJo convinced him that this "journey" works and he's very open to the possibility.

That's nice! We're still kind of holding out for Luke as Bachelor, but they're basically interchangeable looks-wise anyway. It'd really just be the difference between getting overwhelmed with pastel shirts or getting overwhelmed with cowboy boots. So whatever!


Image via roberthunter89/Instagram

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