You'll Never Believe How Leah Messer & Corey Simms Have Managed to Co-Parent

After their vicious custody battle earlier this year, we never thought we'd see the day where Teen Mom 2's Corey Simms and Leah Messer could get along as they co-parent their daughters. But it looks like that day has actually come! Reportedly, Corey and Leah are doing "extremely well" at co-parenting their daughters Ali and Aleeah. Go figure! 


A source close to the family tells Radar Online the couple seems to have put their bad blood behind them and are working together to make their daughters' lives run as seamlessly as possible -- especially now that they have a set custody schedule. 

This news comes right after Leah spoke out about her anxiety and depression, telling a fan on Instagram that she's doing much better these days and has even been able to move away from medication. She told the fan: 

Thank you so much! I take vitamins by NuSkin. I don't take anything for my A&D. I was able to take myself completely off of my Cymbalta, and I just take those vitamins. Which R AMAZING!! I do some natural remedies (: & that's about it!

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Of course, different treatments for depression and anxiety work differently for everyone, and people should always consult their doctor if they're trying to figure out what's best for them. But it definitely sounds like Leah has found what's best for her. We're glad to hear she's doing better, especially after everything she's been through over the past year! 

Here's hoping everything keeps going Leah's way. It's wonderful to see her so happy and healthy!


Image via leahdawn92mtv/Instagram

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