This Interview Is a Glimpse at What JoJo Fletcher & Jordan Rodgers Are Really Like as a Couple

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It's official: JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers are living happily ever after. On Monday night, we got to witness Jordan's proposal to JoJo, and so far, it seems like they're both thrilled to take their relationship public. And now, in the cutest interview ever, JoJo and Jordan reveal what annoys them most about each other. It's just more proof they're meant to be.


The happy couple talked to E! News about their relationship -- including the not-so-romantic stuff, like what bothers them most about each other.

For Jordan, it's that JoJo always keeps the house really cold, which means he is freezing, too. And JoJo hates the way that Jordan scrapes his bowl when he eats cereal. Oh, and there's more, too. 

Check it out:

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We love that Jordan is actually way weirder than The Bachelorette made him seem -- and it's something JoJo loves about him. Um, where were these different accents and dance moves all season long? We need to see this! 

Although we've had our doubts about these two, this interview confirms that their love for each other is totally real. We can't wait to see their relationship grow -- and the adorable Instagram posts that are sure to come out of it! Congrats, you guys! 


Image via E!

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