Why Chad Johnson Completely Lost It on the 'Bachelor in Paradise' Premiere

When we heard Chad Johnson would be making an appearance on this season of Bachelor in Paradise, we were super excited. Okay, he's kind of a douchebag, but he makes good TV, right? But on Tuesday night's premiere, Chad got kicked off BIP -- and he was actually pretty scary.


If you think you've seen Bach contestants drink too much on the first night before, it doesn't even come close to Chad -- or the way he acted once he was drunk. He was downright mean, especially toward Sarah Herron, whom he called a "one-armed b*tch." And then he took a few swings at Daniel, who was actually his ally on The Bachelorette. What?! 

Eventually, Chris Harrison had no choice but to send Chad home early because the way he was treating everyone else was unacceptable -- but not without a few vicious parting words from Chad first. We totally should have seen this coming, right?! 

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And now, after the fact, Chad has explained his behavior to ABC News. And surprise surprise ... it still doesn't include an apology. He said: 

I don’t normally drink. I drink maybe like once every one or two months. And especially when you’re super low body fat, it affects you a lot differently. If you eat super-healthy for two months straight, don't drink at all and then you have a full bottle of champagne before you even start filming, some weird things are probably going to happen.

Makes sense, but it still doesn't make the way he acted okay. Now that he's gone, though, the remaining contestants probably have a way better shot at finding love. And if nothing else? At least they don't have to stress out about Chad's ridiculous threats!


Image via ABC

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