Javi Marroquin Is Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Move over, Kailyn Lowry! Now that Teen Mom 2's Kail is moving on, Javi Marroquin is too ... and he's going about it in a pretty interesting way. Apparently, Javi is looking for love on Twitter, of all places. So will it actually work? Um, probably not. 


Apparently Javi has been flirting a little with his followers -- particularly a girl named Gianna, whom he's been giving workout advice to. Not the most romantic topic in the world, but hey, he's gotta start somewhere, right? 

Unfortunately, Gianna's Twitter is private so we can't see the rest of the exchange, but Javi's intentions seem pretty clear. 

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Now that Javi is home from his deployment, it'll be interesting to see how quickly he gets back out there. Is he hiding behind his phone, or is he really ready to start dating again? 

We wonder how Kail feels about all this? Obviously she's seemed like she's ready to date other people, but how will she really feel now that Javi is back? It's not like she can avoid him -- they share a son, and Kail's older son Isaac is crazy about him, too. They have to see each other. There's no way around it!

But if they both find happiness with other people, that's awesome. They should be in relationships that work for them -- especially if it means less fighting for Isaac and Lincoln to witness. Maybe they can stay friends and everybody wins? We hope so! 

Image via javim9/Instagram

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