JoJo Fletcher May Have Already Ditched Her Final 'Bachelorette' Pick

It's hard to believe we're just days away from finding out whether JoJo Fletcher decides to spend the rest of her life with Robby Hayes or Jordan Rodgers. But what if the answer ultimately ends up being neither? Apparently, JoJo may have already dumped her Bachelorette pick. Yikes!


According to Bach spoiler king Reality Steve, JoJo and her final rose winner are officially dunzo. Earlier this week, he revealed that he heard they've already broken up when a fan asked about JoJo's relationship status. Uh-oh... 

If that's true -- and what Reality Steve reports usually is -- it certainly would't be the first time that a Bachelor or Bachelorette couple's relationship didn't last until the finale. And honestly, between Robby and Jordan, there have been so many unflattering rumors circulating about both of them that it isn't surprising at all that it didn't work with JoJo. 

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One thing's for sure: If JoJo and her man are really through, it's going to make After the Final Rose really interesting on Monday night. And, you know, kind of awkward. But this is exactly the kind of Bachelorette drama we live for.

Wait, does this mean Chad was right about these guys? Sigh. Bachelor nation will never be able to live that one down. We just hope that whatever happens is what JoJo wants. After everything that poor girl has been through this season, she should have a happy ending -- single or engaged.


Image via Matt Klitscher/ABC 

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