Javi Marroquin Sticks Up for Kailyn Lowry Against Twitter Haters

We've gotta admit that it has to be hard to be Kailyn Lowry sometimes. Sure, the Teen Mom 2 star is gorgeous and has two cute kids, but can you imagine the social media hate she has to deal with?! This week, it got so bad that even Javi Marroquin defended Kail on Twitter -- yep, that Javi. We're not kidding! 


It all started when a random Twitter troll tweeted Javi to tell him that you "can't turn a ho into a housewife." Obviously, his tweet was aimed at Kail, and Javi wasn't having it. Immediately, he came to her defense, and it was actually kind of sweet. 

We're glad to see that Javi and Kail are at least remaining friends (kind of?) despite their divorce. It's good for the kids, and it's good for them, too -- and super sweet that Javi will still stick up for her when Internet randoms are rude.

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Kail has yet to acknowledge the original tweet (or Javi's reply) so far, but we bet she's seen it by now. And after all the nasty rumors and exchanges that have come out of their split, it's nice to see something positive. 

With any luck at all, someday, Kail and Javi will be able to hang out as friends the way Kail can now do with Isaac's dad, Joe. Lincoln deserves two civil parents!


Image via javim9/Instagram

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