Leah Messer's New Bikini Photo Kind of Says It All

When Teen Mom 2's Leah Messer shared a photo posing in a swimsuit earlier this week, fans raised their eyebrows about how skinny she is these days. But then, on Wednesday, Leah shared another bikini pic despite all the hate she's gotten for her tiny frame. 


And honestly? While the first photo looked a little concerning, this one makes us feel way better. Of course, Leah's always been thin, but in this photo, she looks much healthier. Maybe the other one was just an unfortunate angle or bad lighting? Either way, we're way less worried now.

Not too long ago, Leah shared that she bought Addie a pool to play in for the summer, so it seems like she's definitely getting her money's worth! If you follow Leah on Instagram you see that she and her adorable kiddo have been spending a lot of time swimming, and it seems like Addie's loving it! 

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Besides, how adorable is Leah's swimsuit? It seems like she's got everything under control -- despite what her Instagram followers may say. Leah, Addie, and the twins both seem healthy and happy, and that's all that matters. 

Hopefully, Leah doesn't let the mean comments get to her. It's not worth the time or trouble!


Image via leahdawn92mtv/Instagram

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