Amber Portwood Reportedly Suffered a Devastating Loss Recently

Is it just us, or has Amber Portwood had a pretty rough year? After dealing with the rumors that Matt Baier has been dodging child support from children he's had with several different women, it sounds like she's had some other bad news, too. Reportedly Amber recently had a miscarriage


According to what a source close to the Teen Mom OG star tells fansite Teen Mom Daily, Amber was pregnant but lost the baby because she is allegedly still grappling with a prescription drug addiction. Yikes! The site claims that Matt's been treating her poorly ever since the miscarriage happened, and the situation will be part of the upcoming season of Teen Mom OG. 

Unfortunately, those are all the details out there about what may have happened -- and so far, Amber has yet to comment on the reports herself. 

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If this really did happen, we hope Amber's okay -- and that the drug part of the report isn't true. She's been sober for so long, and she worked so hard to get there. We'd hate to hear that she's lost all the progress she's made. 

We're keeping our fingers crossed for Amber. She deserves some happiness in her future after everything she's been through, between her custody battle with Gary for Leah, and everything that's happened with Matt. This mama needs a vacation!


Image via realamberlportwood1__/Instagram

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