Amanda Stanton Labeled a Bad Mom for Going on 'Bachelor in Paradise'

If you're part of the Bachelor franchise, prepare to get ripped apart on social media -- especially if you're a mom! This week, Amanda Stanton got tons of hate for going on Bachelor in Paradise, because it meant she left her kids for the time she was filming, and it's totally not fair that she has to deal with this! 


Now that the BIP cast has been announced, we know that Amanda Stanton -- one of Ben Higgins's finalists on The Bachelor and a single mom of two -- will be on the show this season. And fans aren't taking it well that she decided to head to paradise this summer and called her out for leaving her kiddos behind.

But Amanda isn't letting it bother her. Instead, she fired back with a couple of responses of her own. 

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And if you're worried about Amanda, don't be. She has a couple of friends who were willing to stand up for her, too -- like Lauren Bushnell and Becca Tilley. 

Well put! 

Plus, if you pay attention to Amanda's Twitter and Instagram, it's pretty obvious that her daughters are very loved and well taken care of. All this freaking-out is for nothing. How is it okay to judge Amanda for something when we don't know the details? 

We can't wait to see her on BIP this summer, even if her adorable little ones won't be there. That's okay, though -- we can soak up all the cuteness on Insta instead! 


Image via amanda_stantonn/Instagram

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