The 'Gilmore Girls' Reboot Finally Has an Official Release Date & It's Just Perfect

Gilmore Girls Netflix series

Summer's almost over and that may bum a lot of you out, but for TV fans we know that fall is the best time of year. And this fall in particular is going to be one for the books with the return of Gilmore Girls. Yes, rejoice, Gillies, because Netflix has not only released a new trailer for the reboot, but our bingeing buddy has also given us the official release date of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.


In the trailer, we get a quick tour around Stars Hollow only to find that absolutely nothing has changed -- except the Gilmore Girls' pop culture references. 

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But then again, that's a given too, right? If we know our girls, we know they're always up on the latest -- so it should come as no surprise that Lorelai (Lauren Graham) is dying to know if Amy Schumer would like her. Of course, Rory (Alexis Bledel) shuts her down and admits that Amy wouldn't be a fan of hers because Lorelai doesn't share Schumer's passion for water sports (Amy does love her water sports). 

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Nevertheless, the scene lets us know that our girls are still just as chatty, hungry, and relatable as ever (wanting to be BFFs with our girl Amy). We're more anxious than ever to join our favorite mom-daughter duo -- and their continuous teasing -- in Stars Hollow this fall. Oh, yeah, November 25 to be exact.

Prior to this news, I was maintaining a certain level of tolerance for the summer, but now that I know I'm only a season away from the binge sesh of a lifetime -- cut the sh*t summer. We've got better times (with Rory and Lorelei) and less sweatiness to look forward to.


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