'Bachelorette' Villain Chad Steals the Show on 'Men Tell All'

In the interest of full disclosure, we have a confession to make about The Bachelorette this season: As evil as he was, we really miss Chad Johnson. He was the most entertaining villain this show has had in a long time, so we were glad to see him back for Men Tell All on Tuesday night. And if you caught the special, you already know he did not disappoint.


Sure, it was nice that JoJo and Luke and Chase got to talk out their breakups and get emotional closure and all that, but let's be real -- this was clearly the Chad show. And from the time he stepped on that stage, he was the funniest part of the entire evening. 

Of course, we already knew that Chad has been hanging with Robby's and Grant's exes -- because he is shameless like that -- but it was interesting to see how much that fact got under Grant's skin. And best of all? After JoJo came on stage, Chad told her how he really feels about her final two men. 

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And honestly? He took the words right out of our mouths. He pointed out that Robby dumped his ex for the show and Jordan doesn't even get along with his own brother, so she's left with some real winners. Um, we weren't gonna say it, so we're glad someone did. 

Major props to JoJo for not giving in and giving him the argument he was looking for, though. This girl makes her own decisions, despite what anyone else tells her. Gotta respect her for that! 

Chad, we're seriously going to miss you ... but not yet. Bachelor in Paradise is yet to come, and we can't wait! 


Image via Byron Cohen/ABC

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