Jim Bob Duggar Admits Michelle Was Once on Birth Control

As we know them today, the Duggars from 19 Kids & Counting are known for their anti–birth control stance -- how else do you end up with that many kids in such a short period of time?! But that wasn't always the family's belief. Recently, Jim Bob admitted he and Michelle used to use birth control when they first got married. What?! 


In a blog post Jim Bob wrote in honor of his 32-year wedding anniversary with Michelle, he talked about the decision they'd made early on in their marriage -- and why they ultimately regretted it. Apparently, Michelle miscarried while on birth control, and that made them decide it was the wrong choice for them. 

He wrote:

Believe it or not, when we first got married we decided we did not want to have children right away, so Michelle began taking birth control pills. Three years into our marriage Michelle went off the pill and we had our first child. Then she went back on the pill, because we heard it was better to space your children out, but Michelle got pregnant while she was on the pill, and the pill caused her to miscarry. We talked to a Christian doctor and he explained that the pill could be abortive. 

Yikes. Although the widely held belief is that the pill doesn't cause abortions, Michelle and Jim Bob obviously think differently, and it was because of that incident that they stopped using contraceptives altogether.

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"We would have never dreamed the joy, fun, adventure and sometimes disappointment and tears that we have encountered raising 19 children," he continued. "We love each one of our children and each one of them is thankful for the life God has given them." 

That's sweet! Okay, so we're still scratching our heads at his birth control comments, but that's okay -- they're entitled to their beliefs. And if it works for their family, good for them!

And no matter how you feel about the Duggars, you can't deny one thing: Michelle and Jim Bob have a pretty good marriage. Thirty-two years is a long time to put up with one person -- and over a dozen kids. They have to be doing something right!


Image via duggarfam/Instagram

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