Leah Messer Accused of Putting Her Daughter Addie in Danger

Leah Messer getting judged for her parenting decisions has kind of become an everyday thing, but what fans are criticizing her for now is actually pretty dangerous. Recently, Leah recorded Addie while she was driving, and fans are furious


Leah shared the video on Monday. In it, Leah's clearly in the driver's seat with her phone facing the backseat, and Addie is excited about going swimming, which is a surprise from her mom. It's adorable, but is it safe? Probably not.

And since Leah's so used to fans calling her out for every wrong move she makes, she added a disclaimer to her post. "My eyes stayed on the road the ENTIRE time, so try to be nice on the comments," she wrote. "Otherwise I will block you, k? Thanks!" 

We have some news for Leah: If she blocks everyone who leaves a rude comment, she probably won't have many followers left. It's just the nature of Instagram! 

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Fortunately, it does seem like Leah is paying attention while she's driving. We doubt she'd intentionally put Addie or her other girls in danger -- even though we've witnessed her texting and driving on Teen Mom 2 before.

But maybe she should hold off on the filming for now ... at least, until the haters get bored and back off. Does she really need the extra stress?! 


Image via tm2leahdawn/Instagram

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