Who Will Be the Next 'Bachelor'? Let's Weigh the Options

Now that The Bachelorette is winding down for the season, there's one major question on our minds: Who will be the next Bachelor? JoJo Fletcher's final pool of men has left us with a few options, and even though it's too soon to tell, it seems like Luke Pell and Chase McNary are the Bachelor front-runners.


If ABC follows tradition, it would make sense that one of them would be selected. JoJo was the Bachelor runner-up, but being chosen as the next lead was a pretty rare thing. In all likelihood, it'll be either Chase or Luke who wears the crown next. 

Who deserves it more? Chase may have shown his temper when he threw that fit after JoJo unexpectedly sent him home during their fantasy suite date, but he totally redeemed himself when he came back to apologize. And then there's Luke, who was a sweetheart all alone and then got his heart dragged through the mud on national television. Tough to say whose story is more compelling! 

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If you ask us? Honestly, this season's final men are kind of a snoozefest. While contestants packed the show with drama earlier on -- like Chad, bless him -- the last few episodes have left us kind of bored. And is it just us, or do all these guys look alike? 

We're willing to give Luke or Chase a shot if either of them are chosen ... but ABC has so many other amazing guys to choose from, so they should keep their options open. Maybe it's finally ABC's big chance to give Nick Viall that beautiful love story he's been searching for? After everything he's been through on The Bachelorette, he deserves it! 

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