Chelsea Houska Proves She's a Class Act With Kind Words for Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham isn't exactly known for being tight knit with her Teen Mom costars, so this show of support from one of them totally surprised us! After Farrah's episode of Million Dollar Matchmaker aired over the weekend, Chelsea Houska gave Farrah a shout-out -- and it's all positive! 


After watching Farrah's ep, Chelsea took to Twitter to talk about how much she liked the episode and to wish her costar good luck in her future love life. How sweet is that -- especially since Farrah had to get super personal on the show in order to get help from love guru Patti Stanger?! 

It's so nice to see this kind of encouragement between the stars, even if Chelsea is usually super kind to everyone she meets. 

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And if Patti's advice doesn't do it for her, Farrah should totally go to Chelsea for help. After she survived that awful relationship with Adam Lind, we have a feeling this girl has seen it all. And she managed to find Cole DeBoer, the sweetest guy in the universe, so she must really know what she's doing! 

Fingers crossed this peace between the Teen Mom stars lasts. Oh, who are we kidding? There will be drama and social media feuds before we know it! 


Image via chelseahouska/Instagram 

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