Jenelle Evans Shares Innocent Pic of Kaiser & the Internet Totally Freaks Out

Jenelle EvansEveryone's an expert! Especially when other people's kids are involved. Jenelle Evans shared a photo of her toddler son Kaiser playing with his toys on Instagram recently, and the commenters went nuts and started diagnosing the little guy with autism.


Because random people on the Internet are all experts, don't you know. The Teen Mom 2 star posted this sweet photo of Kai playing with his toys a few days ago, and apparently he's now on the spectrum. 

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This morning with Kai � love my early mornings with him �

A photo posted by Jenelle Evans (@j_evans1219) on

Someone said, "I dong[sic] know if anyone has ever told you but this kind of behavior in young children often points to them being on the autism spectrum. Not meant to be hate."

Another commented on his speech. "This little boy is over 2 years old and sounds like a 12 month old with the one syllable utterances. He needs early intervention, period. (I am a speech therapist.) There are quite a few red flags with this child that any professional can see," the commenter weighed in.

Thankfully she had her defenders too. One person chimed in, "Many children do this on their own, and are not anywhere near living with ASD. Some just see their parents put their toys away like that and mimic."

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Autism is a serious issue for a lot of families these days, and is not to be taken lightly -- and certainly not to be diagnosed over the Internet by people who think they know everything.

People just need to calm down sometimes. Jenelle seems to take good care of him, and we're sure if there were any issues, she'd have him evaluated by a professional.


Image via j_evans1219/Instagram

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