Farrah Abraham Gets Painfully Real About Sophia's Dad

Since the beginning of Farrah Abraham's Teen Mom journey, it's been obvious that the death of Sophia's father, Derek Underwood, has had a profound impact on her life, but we never realized how big that impact was until now. On her episode of Million Dollar Matchmaker, Farrah gets real about Derek's death, and it was heartbreaking to watch.


Apparently the reason why finding true love has been so difficult for her all ties back to the fact that it can't match what she had with Derek. If you've seen Patti Stanger's shows before, you already know that she requires absolute honesty of her clients, and that's what she got from Farrah.

Farrah said: "Sophia's dad was truly the one person ... like I saw and I know what love was there. And then we didn't get married, he's not alive, Sophia doesn't have a father." 

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Wow. It's great to see Farrah be so open about their relationship, but it's so sad to think that she may be looking for something that compares to it. It's been a long time since Derek's unexpected death in 2008, and even though it's clearly difficult for Farrah to move on, it's good that she's willing to face the truth so that she will eventually be able to find the right person in the future.

And fortunately, it does seem like Patti was able to help Farrah. Hopefully she'll take the advice she got from being on the show and apply it to her future real-life loves -- even if she does end up back with Simon Saran again. 

Farrah deserves a happy relationship, and Sophia deserves to see her mom in one -- and to have a father figure in her life she can rely on. Good luck, girl. We're rooting for you!


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