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15 Times We Were Crazy Jealous of JoJo Fletcher's Banging Body

TV Nicole Pomarico Aug 1, 2016

After watching her on The Bachelor and all season long on The Bachelorette, there is one fact that nobody can deny: JoJo Fletcher has an awesome bod. And whether she's showing it off in a swimsuit or in one of her gorgeous rose ceremony dresses, it's hard not to be a little jealous. 

We may not all look like JoJo, but we can definitely live vicariously through her. Click through the slides to become even more envious of JoJo's killer bod than you already were -- if that's even possible! JoJo, please share your secrets with us. We need to know how you look so flawless all the time!


Image via Rick Rowell/ABC

I LOVE THIS PLACE!! #firsttimer

A photo posted by JoJo Fletcher (@joelle_fletcher) on

1When She Killed It in Cutoffs

JoJo may look crazy gorgeous in the many gowns she sports on The Bachelorette, but she pulls off casual so well, too. Look at those legs! 

We made it! @bbmas 📀🎙📸

A photo posted by JoJo Fletcher (@joelle_fletcher) on

7Her Red Carpet Style

That bod. Those legs. And her boobs look fantastic. No fair! 

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