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15 of Jenelle Evans's Craziest Feuds

TV Nicole Pomarico Jul 27, 2016

If Jenelle Evans is known for anything, it's her crazy feuds -- on and off Teen Mom 2. No matter what the topic of conversation is at the time, whether it's a custody battle or a misunderstanding on Twitter, Jenelle is always ready to fight ... and she loves having the last word.

Over the years, we've witnessed her get into a lot of arguments, some more high profile than others. She wins some and she loses some, but Jenelle never backs down. Click through for a walk down memory lane of some of Jenelle's craziest fights -- with her family, friends, and even her costars. Don't worry... we're sure this list will only get longer as time goes by! 


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1Jenelle vs. Barbara

Jenelle and her mother have never seen eye to eye, whether it's over who Jenelle has decided to date or the way she raises her kid. But the nastiest feuds are always over Jace and Barbara's custody of him -- in and out of the courtroom.

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4Jenelle vs. Allison Stevens

When Jenelle and Nathan Griffith were still dating, she got in a Twitter feud with Nathan's ex, Allison, saying she was glad Allison was out of the picture because she and Nathan were having the family that Allison always wanted. Yikes! Fortunately, later, Jenelle and Allison seemed to be on good terms.

5Jenelle vs. Stevie Ryan

VH1 star Stevie Ryan has commented on Jenelle's life multiple times -- especially when it comes to Jace -- and in true Jenelle fashion, she almost always responds. This is a feud that will probably never end... not as long as Stevie has opinions about Jenelle's parenting, anyway.

6Jenelle vs. MTV

After the way she's been portrayed in recent seasons of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle is forever calling MTV out for their editing. And honestly, can you blame her? 

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7Jenelle vs. Nathan Griffith

Not only is Jenelle constantly fighting with Nathan over custody of Kaiser, but she also throws in a low blow or two on social media every once in a while, too. This tweet might be mean, but it's kind of true! 

8Jenelle vs. Her Sister, Ashleigh

Jenelle and her sister have never gotten along, but after she witnessed Ashleigh calling her out for being a bad mom on the MTV special Being Barbara, she was so done.

10Jenelle vs. Kailyn Lowry

After picking that fight with Chelsea, Jenelle also burned bridges with Kail, who was very defensive of her Teen Mom 2 BFF. Looks like future cast reunions are going to be a little tense! 

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11Jenelle vs. Her Brother, Colin

After news of Jenelle's third pregnancy broke, her brother said that Jenelle's way farther along than most people think. Jenelle called him out for it on Twitter, but unfortunately she got rid of the tweets. Boo! 

12Jenelle vs. Kieffer Delp

There was definitely a time when Jenelle and her ex Kieffer were inseparable, but that time is long over. After getting arrested together -- and all kinds of other drama -- it seems these two will be forever at odds.

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13Jenelle vs. Jessica Henry

Jenelle and Nathan's girlfriend, Jessica, had a major feud when Jessica pressed charges against Jenelle for throwing a glass at her during a fight with Nathan over Kaiser. The legal drama seems to have settled down, but the real drama between them will probably never fade.

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