Adam Lind Makes an Outrageous Accusation About Randy Houska

Um, he can't be serious, right? Adam Lind accused Randy Houska of bullying him in a lengthy Facebook rant, and we are seriously confused as to why Adam thinks the grandfather of his child would do such a thing.


Apparently, an Instagram account dedicated to smacking Lind down posted his actual address, and he was not going to stay silent about it. "So there is this page on IG dedicated to f**king hating me and tearing me apart," he bloviated on Facebook. "And I'm pretty g0d damn certain who it would be..."

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He said that the person who posted his address got it from an old police report when the cops were called to his place for a noise complaint -- which makes it even more confusing as to why he thinks Randy was behind the whole thing, because we're pretty sure Chelsea Houska's dad knows where he lives.

Someone commented on the posted and asked why he cared if people knew his address, and his fiancée Stasia Huber jumped in and explained, "Paislee, Aubree ... safety." Plus it's just totally uncool to share someone's personal information like that! We may not be the biggest Adam Lind fans, but no one deserves to have their home address plastered publicly on the Internet.

Adam and Stasia both commented that the police and lawyers had been contacted over the incident, and Adam claimed to know who was behind the whole thing. "I still have a strong feeling is Randy," he wrote.

"Chelseas dad," he continued. "He's always been a big fan of mine ... takes so much time out of his busy day to update his own twitter and what not to talk about me."

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Granted, Randy has been a vocal critic of Adam and his antics, but it isn't like he hasn't deserved it. The dude hasn't exactly stepped up to the plate on very many occasions. But that doesn't mean he'd create a social media account dedicated to talking smack about Adam. Frankly, that just doesn't seem worth Randy's time.

Even so, when someone commented to Lind that Randy was a "douche canoe," he replied, "Yes he is." Um. That's mature. Insert eye roll here. Adam also added, "Shits that posted on that page literally leads right to him Rita Chelsea or Cole ... They r the only ones with info I've seen posted on there."

Neither Chelsea nor Randy have commented on the subject, but we like to think that somewhere in South Dakota, they're rolling their eyes too.


Image via adamjoelind/Instagram

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