'Teen Mom 2' Stars Will Reportedly Keep Filming on One Condition

If you've been following our favorite Teen Mom 2 stars on Twitter, you already know that things are getting pretty tense between them and MTV -- especially where Jenelle Evans and Leah Messer are concerned. And now, it's time for contract negotiations, and that means that the stars of Teen Mom 2 are reportedly demanding more money to stay on.


According to what a source close to the situation tells Radar Online, negotiations have already begun and most of the girls aren't happy with what they've been offered. Apparently, they're upset that Chelsea gets the best edit out of everyone ... and that MTV is pulling some trickery to keep them filming.

The insider tells Radar

MTV has locked the girls all down for season 7 so they have been calling the latest filming 'extra' or 'bonus' footage so they don't have to negotiate a new contract.

Um, what? That's not fair!

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But when it does come time for a new contract, it sounds like MTV is in a tough spot. With Jenelle's pregnancy and Leah's crazy life and custody battles, the network need to keep the girls happy and on board, because they're ratings gold. Uh oh! 

Don't be surprised if MTV ends up having to open up their wallets to keep everyone on the show. There's too much happening in their lives these days to do anything else!

We hope everything goes well. We couldn't imagine life without watching the drama of Teen Mom 2 every week. Don't mess this up, MTV! 


Image via MTV

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