Jordan Rodgers's Brother May Have Just Spoiled 'The Bachelorette' Finale

It's hard to believe that we're already just two weeks away from seeing JoJo Fletcher (hopefully) get engaged. But what if the ending has already been spoiled? Jordan Rodgers's brother may have ruined the Bachelorette finale, all thanks to a slip he made during an interview.


And before you ask, no, Jordan's famous and estranged football playing bro, Aaron Rodgers, isn't the one who spilled -- it was Luke, the brother who Jordan still has a tight relationship with. In a recent interview with Womanista, Luke accidentally talked about JoJo like she's already part of their family. 

In the interview, Luke was asked about how he thought JoJo would fit into his family if Jordan ends up being the one she chooses, and his response was: 

She was able to just so easily come lockstep with our family and conversations and stuff, except for the fact that she is missing some crucial movies that we quote a lot, but we're going to catch her up.

Sounds an awful lot like JoJo is already part of his family, huh? 

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Luke quickly realized his mistake and said, "We could catch her up with that, should she need to be caught up, depending on how this whole thing ends." But obviously, it's too late -- the damage has been done. 

Of course, this could have been an honest error that means nothing, but we think it means that JoJo is about to become the next Mrs. Rodgers. Just saying! 

We won't find out for sure for two more weeks, though, but we'll have our eye on Luke. Don't want to miss it if he accidentally gives anything else away!


Image via Carl Costas/ABC

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