Adam Lind Is Still Filming 'Teen Mom 2' & Creating Quite the Ruckus

And he's back in the game! During his rather awkward appearance at the season 7 reunion special with Dr. Drew, we thought Adam Lind might be done for good with Teen Mom 2. As it turns out, he's apparently already filmed for at least one episode in the upcoming season -- and he wasn't exactly a peach to work with.


The Ashley is reporting that Adam was in attendance at one of Aubree's recent softball games while MTV was filming, and he was reportedly "rude to the film crew and producers."

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Adam came to the game with his fiancée Stasia Huber and his other daughter Paislee (with ex Taylor Halbur), and apparently whined the whole time that "whatever he did on camera would be edited to make him look bad."

According to the site, MTV producers tried to reassure Adam that they wouldn't edit the footage to make him look bad, but he still "caused quite the scene." A source even said that Stasia looked "really uncomfortable" while everything was taking place, and she chose to stay silent while the whole thing was happening.

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Even though Adam made it pretty clear last season that he was done with the show, we can't help but remember Chelsea Houska's thoughts on the matter ... after Adam said that every cast member was only in it for the money, she countered to Dr. Drew that Adam would be back if MTV paid him enough.

If he's filming again, we're just going to make and educated guess that the producers ponied up.


Image via adamjoelind/Instagram

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