JoJo Fletcher Reportedly Dumps One Unlucky Suitor During Their Fantasy Suite Date

Now that JoJo Fletcher's hometown dates are in the past, it's time for the overnight dates that will help her determine who she wants to spend the rest of her life with. But will they include a twist we never saw coming? Apparently JoJo sends one of her men home mid–Fantasy Suite date. Spoilers ahead!


So which of the final three men is unlucky enough to befall this fate? According to Reality Steve, JoJo realizes the chemistry just isn't there with Chase, so she decides to call it quits before things progress any further. 

As Steve tells it, they make it through the daytime portion of their date and even end up in the actual Fantasy Suite together -- meaning JoJo accepted his invite to spend the night together -- and were chatting privately when she realized it was over between them. Ouch! 

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Needless to say, we have a feeling Chase is going to have a lot to talk about during Men Tell All this week, and we can't wait to hear his take on the situation -- not to mention find out who goes home out of the four guys left standing at the end of this week's cliffhanger.

JoJo has a pretty difficult decision ahead of her, but we know she'll make the right choice. Good for her for realizing Chase was the wrong one. That's how Bachelorette engagements end! 


Image via Felicia Graham/ABC

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