Former 'Bachelor' Is Getting Married ... Again

Remember Bob Guiney? He's the weirdo (and we use that term kindly) who was the season four Bachelor and gave his final pick a promise ring. Weirdo. Well, the Bachelor relationship didn't work out (surprise!) and neither did his marriages to Jennifer Lantz or Rebecca Budig. But! Bob is getting married again and he's saying now that the "third time's the charm." Atta boy, Bob. Good attitude.


This time, the girl is Jessica Canyon, and the two are set to marry on November 11 in Mexico. "We get along great," he told People about his relationship. "She lets me be me. I know exactly who I am right now, as I would be in front of her with the same terrible jokes and the 'third time's a charm' crap."

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Say what you will about the guy, but that sounds like the kind of relationship that sticks. Plus, he said that he was too young in his previous two marriages, and that's why they didn't last. Sounds reasonable.

If women of the world are ready to give Bob Guiney another chance, we guess we will too. As long as he didn't propose with a promise ring again.

Congratulations, guys!


Image via jescanyon/Instagram

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