'Bachelorette' Hunk Robby Might Be Lying About His Ex-Girlfriend After All

Robby Hayes may have made it to hometown dates on The Bachelorette, but we still think he's pretty shady, and we're not the only ones! Even though he told JoJo Fletcher his relationship with his ex didn't overlap with his audition for the show, that might not be the truth. Apparently Robby is lying about his ex-girlfriend, and it's all about to hit the fan.


According to photos found by Bachelor guru Reality Steve, there's evidence that Robby and his ex were together a lot longer than he told JoJo, and then, to make the situation even more sketchy, that ex, Hope Higginbotham, told Steve that she can't talk about their relationship as she planned because she's been told not to. 

Chi Town, I love youâ�¤ï¸ï¿½

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Part of Hope's letter says: 

It has been brought to my attention by the opposing party that any further actions on my part, will result in negative consequences. Many people (including myself) have been deeply hurt by the situation, and I do not want to add to, or prolong the negativity. I never signed up for my previous relationship to be advertised to the world, nor did I sign up to have America judging my past as well as my future.

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So not only does this tell us that there's something Robby is hiding, but it also confirms that they were together well past Christmas, which is not what he told JoJo. Hmm.

Here's hoping Robby comes clean to JoJo soon, before it's too late. She does not need another heartbreak like that! 


Image via Veronica Gambin/ABC

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