Jenelle Evans Might Be Farther Along in Her Pregnancy Than Anyone Thought

In case you missed the news, it's now pretty much official: Jenelle Evans is reportedly expecting her third child. But now, it sounds like Jenelle's new baby is coming even sooner than we originally thought. According to what her brother says, Jenelle is actually five months pregnant. What?! 


As Real Mr. Housewife pointed out, someone on Twitter posted screenshots of a text conversation with Jenelle's brother, Colin Evans, when he said it was ridiculous that she'd said she was only 10 weeks along in the police report since as far as he knows, she's actually five months pregnant. 

And although Jenelle responded on Twitter and said they don't know what they're talking about since Colin isn't in her life anymore, we can't help but wonder if she'll be having this baby in just four months instead of early 2017. 

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In another Twitter exchange, someone added that they talked to Jenelle's sister and found out that Barbara only found out about Jenelle's pregnancy along with the rest of the world. If that's true -- yikes! That had to hurt. 

Hopefully Jenelle will come clean about what's going on soon. We need to know what's up with this alleged baby! 


Image via j_evans1219/Instagram 

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