Meet the Cast of 'Bachelor in Paradise 3' -- This Crew Is a Recipe for Drama

Nicole Pomarico | Jul 20, 2016 TV

Now that The Bachelorette is wrapping up for the season and JoJo Fletcher's journey to find love is coming to a close, you might be a little bummed to say good-bye to one of the best reality shows of the year. But don't worry -- Bachelor in Paradise is right around the corner, and the cast has already been announced! 

If you've seen the show before, you already know that new cast members arrive sporadically throughout the season to find love, but there's a core group of people who are on the island when the show begins. These people are the ones who have already been announced, and it sounds like it's a seriously solid group this time around! Click through to see which members of Bachelor Nation we'll be reuniting with in season 3 when it premieres on August 2 on ABC. 


Image via Rick Rowell/ABC

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