JoJo Confronts Robby About His Ex on 'The Bachelorette' -- Holy Awkward

Is it just us, or has this season of The Bachelorette totally flown by?! It seems like just yesterday JoJo was greeting her dudes in front of the mansion, and now, she's already on hometown dates. But since things are getting real, so are her conversations with her men ... especially when it comes to Robby. 


If you've been following along with the drama that Robby came packaged with, you already know it's all about his ex. Basically, he ended a long-term relationship, like, days before auditioning for the show, which is totally sketchy. And knowing this, JoJo wasn't afraid to confront him to make sure the past is in the past. 

According to Robby? Yeah, those feelings are gone. But JoJo isn't buying it, and we aren't either. How do you just ditch a relationship (and all those feelings) so quickly to move onto something as nuts as a reality show with no time to take a breather and be single in between?! 

And to us, dating someone for eight weeks before getting engaged sounds exactly like what someone dealing with a seriously broken heart would do. Just saying! 

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Despite the 900 conversations they had about it -- conversations that all seemed to us like a lot of talk about an ex who supposedly doesn't matter anymore -- JoJo and Robby ended their date on pretty good terms. Will it stay that way? Is Robby telling the truth? We're not convinced, but time will tell! 

JoJo has four awesome guys to choose from, and next week, we'll find out which one isn't going on to Fantasy Suite dates. Fingers crossed she makes the right choice! We can't wait for Men Tell All next week, too! 


Image via ABC

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