Jenelle Evans Quits Twitter After Being Torn Apart Over Pregnancy News

If you noticed a certain someone was missing from your Twitter feed this morning, you're not alone! On Monday, Jenelle Evans deleted her Twitter account, but not before she unleashed an epic rant upon the world.


Over the weekend, news broke that Jenelle is supposedly expecting her third baby -- despite how many times she's tried to deny the rumors over the past few months. It all came out in a police report from a car accident she and David were involved in earlier this month, where she apparently admitted she is 10 weeks pregnant. Oops! 

But once the news was out there, the response to Jenelle's pregnancy wasn't great. People immediately started shutting her down on social media, calling her irresponsible for welcoming yet another baby in the world when she still doesn't have custody of Jace. 

And in true Jenelle fashion, she wasted no time putting everyone in their place. The tweets are long gone, but her Facebook post still stands.

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It's a bummer for Jenelle to get such a negative response to her pregnancy -- which we're assuming she's excited about -- but it's not surprising at all. She and David are still in a pretty new relationship, and she has so many loose ends left with the kids she already has. Is it the best time to bring another into the world? 

That's Jenelle's decision to make, though ... and so is the state of her Twitter. We're hoping it comes back soon, and we have a feeling that it will. After all, Jenelle loves getting the last word, even if it's in 140 characters or less!


Image via j_evans1219/Instagram

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