Jenelle Evans Is Reportedly Pregnant With Baby #3 & Can't Possibly Deny It

After months of wondering and speculation, it's official: Jenelle Evans is presumably pregnant again! But the news of her third child didn't come straight from the Teen Mom 2 star herself. Nope -- it was all thanks to the cops. 


On July 6, Jenelle and her boyfriend, David Eason, were in a car wreck that required them to give statements to the police about what happened. Apparently, David rear-ended someone, and as part of her statement, Jenelle revealed that she was 10 weeks pregnant at the time. She ended up going to a hospital to get checked out, but it sounds like she's doing fine.

If Jenelle was 10 weeks pregnant almost two weeks ago, that puts her right in the 12-week range -- and it means that all the rumors that have been circulating over the past few months were right!

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But if Jenelle had some big reveal planned, she'd better come up with a backup. It does kind of suck that the rug got pulled out from under her, but she had to know it would happen sometime -- especially after she talked to the cops! 

We just hope everything turns out okay this time. After all, Jenelle's still locked in that legal battle over Jace with Barbara, and Kaiser is still so small -- not to mention the fact that she and David haven't been dating all that long. We hope her newest little one has to deal with less parenting drama than his or her siblings! 


Image via j_evans1219/Instagram

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