See Photos From Jillian Harris's Dreamy White Boho Baby Shower

Caroline Olney | Jul 15, 2016 TV

We feel like we've been sitting here waiting for Jillian Harris to get pregnant for, like, 10 years (sorry, not to rush you or anything, Jillian), and now that it's finally happening, it's everything we ever dreamed of. She's doing this whole pregnancy with style and pizzazz, and so far, it looks like her baby shower is the crowning gem on the whole thing. It was BEAUTIFUL. Like, white-washed boho chic Pinterest-level wedding beautiful. 

The whole thing was logged on Instagram, so we have a pretty good idea of what went down with the decor, if not the rest. Here's a taste -- you'll be begging for her party planner's number in no time.


Image via jillian.harris/Instagram

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