Chelsea Houska Misidentified as Jenelle Evans in Mugshot Photo

Chelsea Houska and Jenelle Evans: We couldn't imagine a more opposite Teen Mom 2 pair, right? Unfortunately, not everyone agrees! Recently, a website confused Chelsea with Jenelle, and Aubree's mom is not happy. 


After the news broke about Chelsea Houska's second pregnancy, news sites all over the world rushed to report it ... but not always accurately. Apparently, one site used Chelsea's name, but Jenelle's photo. And even worse? It was one of Jenelle's mugshots. And understandably, Chelsea wasn't having it. 

If we were Chelsea, we'd be pissed too! Is that really the photo you want to come up when people search news about your pregnancy? 

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Besides, with the beef that's been between Chelsea and Jenelle over their websites, it's not like they're pals. We understand where the confusion came from -- the pregnancy rumors lately have been all Jenelle, all the time, not Chelsea -- but these two couldn't be more different. 

And this tweet is actually one more reason we love Chelsea: her sense of humor. Her new baby will be very lucky to have a funny mom... and, you know, one that doesn't have a mugshot to her name.


Image via chelseahouska/Instagram

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