Chelsea Houska Feels Differently About This Pregnancy Than Her First One

In case you've missed the awesome news, let us be the ones to fill you in: Chelsea Houska is expecting her second baby! But it's been a long time since she was pregnant with Aubree, so naturally, things have changed for her since then -- and not always for the better. Recently, Chelsea admitted she's more nervous for this pregnancy than she was the first time. But why?


During a Twitter Q&A with fans after announcing the news, Chels admitted that there's a little more pressure this time around after a fan asked her if she feels more prepared since she's done this whole baby thing before. Here's what she said: 

We totally get it. Although she definitely knew less when she was pregnant the first time, now that she does know, she's also aware of all the ways she could mess up -- even though we totally have faith in her! 

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But she should feel good about bringing her second baby in the world, because it's true -- she is more prepared. Not only has she already done all this before, but this time she's older, wiser, and in a committed relationship. This will be a piece of cake! Well, as much as it can be with a newborn, anyway. 

We hope Chelsea's nerves don't get in the way of her enjoying this time, though. Baby number two is super exciting, and she shouldn't take that away from herself! She's got this. 

Girl, you'll be fine -- and we can't wait to meet your new little one. Congrats, mama! 


Image via chelseahouska/Instagram

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