Adam Lind's Fiancée Shows Off Her Engagement Ring

It's official! We heard rumors earlier this week that Adam Lind and Stasia Huber were engaged, but it's now been confirmed by the lady herself. Stasia took to Instagram after the cat got out of the bag to display her engagement ring, and declare her undying love for Chelsea Houska's ex.


Stasia showed off her ring from Adam Lind on social media, and boy oh boy did some of the commenters go nuts.

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A lifetime together isn't long enough � @adamjoelind

A photo posted by Stasia Lynn Huber (@stasialynnhuber) on

The thing people seemed to be the most upset about wasn't necessarily that Adam is engaged, but that he didn't buy a big enough diamond for the love of his life.

It does look smaller than what we'd expect to see, given how many seasons of Teen Mom 2 he's been paid for, but who knows? Maybe they're saving the money for a house or something. Hey, it could happen!

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The newly engaged couple was also criticized for announcing their engagement just a day after Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer announced they were expecting a little one together. Were they trying to steal the spotlight?

At the end of the day, we still can't believe Adam Lind popped the question, and we really hope he treats Stasia eight zillion times better than he ever treated Chels or (his other baby mama) Taylor Halbur.


Image via stasilynnhuber/Instagram

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