JoJo Fletcher Is Reportedly Second Guessing Her Final 'Bachelorette' Pick

It wouldn't be a true season of The Bachelorette without some mid-season rumors that the star is second-guessing everything she's ever done, so we're happy to report that In Touch got intel from an insider who says that JoJo's afraid she made the wrong choice with her final pick. We hope JoJo found true and lasting love and will never be unhappy again, but chances are high that's not the case.


The insider said that JoJo's final decision was fraught with trouble -- apparently, there was a "shocking twist" at the end (no way!) and she's not sure she's totally down with her last-minute pick. 

Here are the details:

[She] picked the guy she doesn't necessarily want to be with. Everyone is telling her that she doesn't have to be upset and beat herself up. But JoJo sees all the drama surrounding the guy and keeps asking her friends, 'What have I done?'

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So basically, we're picturing the rest of the season playing out like normal, her picking a secret douche as a winner and realizing her mistake within months. So she dumps him and rides up to her REAL love on a white unicorn and begs for his forgiveness. He tries to resist but can't say no to pure, unadulterated love, so he hops up on the unicorn and they trot off into their future.

Or she stays with the skeeze and ends up miserable. Or this is all bad info and she's actually just fine with her pick, thanks. Either way, we're excited to see how it's going to play out. God, this show is amazing.


Image via joelle_fletcher/Instagram

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