Jenelle Evans Rips Her Own Sister to Pieces on Twitter

From just watching Teen Mom 2, you'd probably assume Jenelle Evans is an only child, right? Wrong! Jenelle actually has a sister named Ashleigh, and on this week's special about their mom, Being Barbara, that sister finally came out of hiding, and as you can probably guess, Jenelle was not happy about it. In fact, afterward, Jenelle ripped her sister a new one on Twitter, so don't expect her to start making any Teen Mom 2 appearances anytime soon! 


In the episode, Ashleigh and Barbara discuss Barbara's custody battle with Jenelle over Jace, and Ashleigh points out that Jenelle is living in constant chaos, always dating around, and even said that Jenelle's not ready to have custody of Jace just yet. Unsurprisingly, Jenelle was not happy with what her sister had to say and wasted no time taking her to task on social media. 

Here are her tweets: 

Yikes. If you thought Jenelle already had family drama before this, it must be so much worse in real life.

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Jenelle also took the opportunity to retweet fans who said mean things about Ashleigh -- including a rude comment about her hair extensions -- so it sounds like Jenelle is really out for blood on this one. What could have happened between them that they no longer get along? And it has to suck for poor Babs to be in the middle of it. 

At the end of the day, this is just another example of a time Jenelle was upset about how MTV made her look. We wonder if this will contribute to her leaving the show sooner rather than later? Eh, who are we kidding? Jenelle will never leave. We'd miss her ridiculous commentary on life way too much. 


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